Danny Clarke with Guitar, brushes, pallette, canvas, and something in his mouth! (Stops him talkin' for England!)

Granville Daniel Clarke was born in Keighley and raised in Barnsley, Yorkshire, and studied at the art college there. He has always had an eclectic approach to the arts - viewing them  as being interelative with a career as an

artist, poet, singer/songwriter, musician, author and actor.

He pioneered the British contemporary Folk scene with the renowned "Foggy Dew-O", being a major recording

artist with Decca Records, and has already made over 500 TV and Radio appearances.

He has many One-Man exhibitions in the UK. To his credit, and his work is in private collections world-wide.


  • Britain's Top-Selling Snowscene Artist in the '80's

  • The only Artist to paint "around the world" in 90 days (1990)

  • Uniquely interprets the musical Classics, through his Art, in live performance.

  • Was the "Original Art Expert" on Channel 4 TV's popular series "Watercolour Challenge"

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

  • Listed in . . .

  • "Who's Who" in the Arts

  • Millers' Art Guide

  • The International Biographical Dictionary

  • The Blue Book

  • Great Minds of the 21st. Century

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